Repair Costs

Initial Estimate
We thoroughly inspect each unit and accurately estimate parts and labor costs, ensuring a fair price for the customer.  There is a $30 minimum service fee on all units.  Estimates are FREE on all approved repairs.

Repairs start at $75 plus parts.

Typical Costs

  • Amps up to 1000 Watts $75 – $150
  • Amps 1100W – 2000W  $100 – $200
  • Amps 2100W – 4000W  $150 – $350
  • Amps 4000W – 12000W $200 – $500

Repair estimates depend largely on parts cost. Large amps have more parts together in each channel or power supply, so larger amps usually cost more.  Please feel free to Contact Us with your unit’s symptoms for a closer rough estimate.

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